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May 10th at 7pm (60 minutes) $25

June 7th at 7pm (60 mins) $25 
June 23rd at 2pm (90 mins) $35


Sound baths with chris

Sound bath information

A Sound Bath is an immersive and full body listening experience that uses sound waves to invite gentle,
powerful therapeutic and restorative processes that help comfort and heal the mind, body and
spirit.  The resonation and sonic frequencies sounded from quartz crystal bowls, Himalayan bowls,
gongs, etc., actively calm the central nervous system and enables the body to activate its
parasympathetic system—commonly referred to as “rest and digest”—which is the only time our bodies
can truly tap into its natural healing abilities and begin to repair and recharge from our daily active lives.


What is a Sound Bath?

Details to know:
1.You must register prior to coming.
2.You can arrive up to 30 mins. early to the start of your class.
3.Tip -coming early allows you to set up, get comfy & journal.
4.We do typically sell out and space is limited.
5.When you arrive 5 mins. before the start time, it can feel a bit overwhelming. Be early!

What to bring to a Sound Bath:
1st - Wear comfy clothes - layers
Water or tea
Yoga Mat
2 Blocks
Eye Pillow or towel
(something to go over your eyes)

*Note - Mary does have a ton of items at the studio for you to borrow but do remember only 1 per person. We do have to share. The studio does have tons of items for sale as well.

If you have any questions or testimonials -
please respond back to this email.
Thank you - Mary and Chris

How do I participate?

To properly participate in any sound bath, you must be fully comfortable and able to easily rest for the
duration of the session.  The experience will begin with each person lying, kneeling, or seated in a
comfortable position, often using any combination of props that may include a yoga mat, thicker
sleeping pad, pillow(s), bolster, blanket(s), eye mask, and/or any other item that assists in providing you
greater calm and comfort. Dress in any clothing and bring any items that will help this goal!
What can I expect to experience during the sound bath?

Even though many sound bathers use the moment to fully relax their body the entire time, you are more
than welcome to move, shift or stretch as needed.  If your body asks for a particular position or a
specific movement in the moment, please do it!  Actively using Restorative or Yin yoga positions (or any
other movements) are wonderful additions to bringing out the most from any sound bath.   
The healing powers of sound therapy can bring out many different experiences for an individual.  These
experiences can range from falling into a deep sleep; losing all sense of time and space; having bodily
sensations from head to toe; experiencing healthy physical release such as through laughter or tears;
having revelation of or making progress on past trauma; [re]discovering or gaining awareness of Self in
new and meaningful ways.

Are there any aftereffects?

Regardless of what your exact experiences may be for any sound bath, no two are the same as each are
unique to the moment. Because a sound bath is essentially a deep physical massage going all the way
down to the cellular level, your body will have its own window of DOMS (Delayed Onset of Muscle
Soreness) within the next seven days as the body negotiates being sonically rebalanced. The
aftereffects people report of having include higher quality sleep, moments of deeper relaxation,
lessening of anxiety and stress, positive mood or attitude change, heightened awareness of Self, more
energy, easier weight management, more focus, and a sense of greater rejuvenation—just to name a
few! Simple awareness with your mind-body connection is all you need!
Is participating in sound baths worth it?

Nothing will replace the best-known practices of staying vibrant—healthy diet, balanced exercise,
intentional thinking, etc.—but sound healing will absolutely give you a welcomed boost to your own
personal intention of healing and recovery, no matter what stage or place you are currently at.
The short of the long is this: If you are a human—your entire person and health will benefit!

Happy Sound Healing!




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