There is a common expression among yoga teachers: “If you can breathe, you can do yoga.”

And that's precisely what we believe at All life is yoga!


getting started

sign up for class and put it on the calendar

Bring a water and stay hydrated

Consider joining one of our online classes

Wear something that you find comfortable

Set aside your worries and enjoy your practice

Borrow or purchase equipment in studio

The Class for you

Everyone’s body is different, and yoga acknowledges these variations. Whether you are stiff or flexible, or carry some extra pounds, there is a practice for you. Each type of yoga offers its own challenge. What is easy for one person is difficult for another.

The only requirements for yoga are willingness and an open mind. The rest will follow.


frequently asked questions

How do I sign up for class?


I'm a beginner, what class should I go to?


What do I need to bring?


What should I wear?


You can schedule a class through the MindBody app. Simply login or sign up for an account and choose your class!

While all of our classes are beginner-friendly, we suggest that you select Yin, Gentle, or Active yoga to begin. Always let your instructor know that you're a beginner,  so they can give you modifications as needed.

Wear something you feel comfortable in, yoga pants, sweats or other stretchy pants are best and we recommend avoiding baggy tops - we want you to be able to see during down dog! 

We have all of the equipment you might need for class - either to borrow or for purchase!




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