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Mary has been involved in yoga for over 20 years, and she feels yoga is more powerful than any other style of exercise she has ever done. Mary's journey to yoga was not clear to her in the beginning, but she always has had a passion for fitness.

She attended UAA to pursue becoming a Fitness Instructor and Personal Trainer. After graduation she worked at the Alaska Club teaching aqua, step, cycling, strength training classes and everything she could do to share health and fitness with everyone. In 2004 when Mary was introduced to YogaFit, she never looked back. She began taking training after training and teaching out of her garage in 2005. As her knowledge and love of yoga grew so did her following, which led to the opening of her studio in September, 2011. 

Her family has lived in this wonderful town of Eagle River for over 25 years. She feels yoga is a gift to ourselves and each other. Yoga is a way to breathe and move safely, while creating the space in our bodies called flexibility. Yoga can help us get back to our true authentic soul and create harmony and the feeling of wholeness in our body and mind. Her strength comes from the joy she sees in each of her students. The gratitude in her heart is overwhelming, and she prays everyday in thanksgiving for all. She welcomes all to Yoga!!




Caroline holds a E-200 hour RYT in hot yoga taught by Katie Inman of Anchorage Yoga, a 200 hour RYT in Hatha Yoga taught by Ganga White in Santa Barbara, California, and completed her 500 hour Hatha RYT studying under Deborah Koehn, in Kona Hawaii. Deborah continues to mentor Caroline as she grows her yoga practice and teachings. Caroline holds a Masters degree in public health and is a tobacco treatment specialist certified by the Mayo Medical School.

Caroline Renner began the practice of yoga in 1997, and started teaching in 1999, under the mentorship of Aruveda Yoga practitioner Jennifer Andrews, of Chico California. She continued her exploration of yoga and has embraced it in her life since that time. Caroline cherishes sharing the gifts of health yoga brings to her students. She is passionate about how yoga can bring wellness into her student's lives in multiple ways, and is committed to engaging the mind body and breath in her teaching.



Sarah Meitl is a long-time Alaskan who has found a deep connection with yoga, quigong, and tai chi. Searching for a way to lower her stress, she began practicing yoga nearly 5 years ago, and expanded her mind-body practice to include quigong and tai chi over the next several years. Sarah practices Sun and Yang Style Tai Chi and is a certified Tai Chi for Health instructor. She looks forward to growing the tai chi community and welcomes all to enhance their mind-body connection through tai chi.



If you don’t see her in class you may see her taking advantage of the beautiful state we live in -- running with the stroller, hiking with the kids, or out riding bicycles. Brandy has also completed 2 marathons, 4 half marathons, Bike for Women, Gold Nugget Triathlon and a handful of 5ks. It’s time to move! She hopes to see you in class. 

As a mom of 3 young kids, Brandy, has been working out with her kids in tow for about 8.5 years. With a passion for fitness, Brandy has her certification in Group Exercise, TRX, Tabata Bootcamp and is current with American Red Cross CPR/AED. She believes in being a strong role model for her kids and teaching circuit classes that incorporate HIIT, strength, cardio and functional movement. She is also currently studying to receive her Nutritional Therapy Practitioner certification through the Nutritional Therapy Association. 


Shawnie Stendevad - Belly Dancing

Shawn took her first belly dance class in Anchorage with Josetta in 1987, and immediately fell in love with the art form. She went on to perform as a corps dancer with Josetta & Co., and danced with Daughters of the New Moon after moving to Juneau, where she eventually co-founded her own company of musicians and dancers. She has studied with artists from around the world, including Hadia, Morocco, Princess Farhana, and Saqra, and performed in the US, Canada, Mexico, Costa Rica, and Morocco. Along the way, she discovered that, while performing was fun, teaching was even more fun. In 2010, she completed her three-year journey to certification as an instructor from internationally renowned artist, massage therapist, and teacher Hadia, which ultimately led to her teaching middle eastern dance at the University of Alaska Southeast from 2008-2012. Since returning to Anchorage in 2012, she has primarily focused on producing workshops and shows, bringing some of the best artists in the world to Alaska to perform and teach. She's delighted to have this opportunity to reprise her favorite role as a teacher.



Janet Huff is a is a practicing mental health counselor at Cornerstone Clinic and mother of 4 grown wonderful children. She is a runner and a triathlete and has coached soccer and running for many years. Janet has developed a passion for yoga and has completed her 200 hr training at White Lotus Foundation in CA in 2018. Janet has been a resident of Eagle River for 37 years and is married to Terry Huff, a retired Air Force major and triathlete buddy. Janet reminds us that movement therapy through yoga, is an evidence based treatment for anxiety and depression!!


200 - RYT

The practice. The love, the hate. The joy, the grief. The confidence, the doubt. The practice. April’s practice embraces all aspects of being a thriving and vibrant speck of stardust in this timeless universe. 

Trained in Hatha yoga of Iyengar lineage under Margi Clifford and Margo Sorum, April brings the ancient knowledge of asana practice to her students, skillfully intertwining it with Western anatomical information, therapeutic applications, philosophy, mythology, and humor. 
Her own practice began in 2001 after graduating high school, and has since grown with her through college, career, motherhood and marriage. 
April draws on her scientific background (B.S. Biological Sciences) to describe key principles of alignment and breath work. She has a strong interest in the science of meditation, as well as yoga’s potential to compliment professional mental health treatment. Having relied heavily on yoga to navigate the realms of anxiety and depression, she empathetically shares these techniques with others. April also provides a philosophical and spiritual context for the asana practice, offering depth and insight into the physical postures of yoga. 
April is authentic and light-hearted, creating an atmosphere of acceptance and accessibility for yogis of all levels. Her love for and devotion to the practice of yoga radiate from her teaching. She cherishes her practice, and gladly shares it with her students.



I have studied Prajna Yoga with Tias Little at Santa Fe since 2013. Since then my teaching has moved into a slower more mindful direction. My teachers have inspired me with gems from many lineages, Iyengar, Krishnamacharya, Pattabi Jois, and in Prajna Yoga we look for insight from western lineages of physical and movement practice as well including massage, Rolfing, CranioSacral Therapy, osteopathic medicine, Feldenkrais Method, and Thomas Hanna Somatics. After completing my 500 hour training I spent 2017 studying at the Rolf Institute in Boulder Colorado to delve into these areas. Also, I had the great good fortune to be able to study with Richard Freeman at The Yoga Workshop while I was in Boulder.

My personal yoga practice began in early adolescence. It consisted of the most basic asanas, pranayamas, and meditation. That simple practice saw me through three decades of life's bumps and bruises, back injuries, and other mishaps. I came to Alaska in 2002 where I took my first group practice at Inner Dance Yoga Studio in Anchorage. I took my 200 hour TT from Katey Inman at Anchorage Yoga and began teaching Hot Flow classes there in 2011. 



Jim is a 36 year retired Colonel and Chaplain of the US Army. In 2011 Jim broke his back (L2) and compressed several vertebrae (L4-6) after executing a poor landing during a static line parachute mission. After a year of no flexibility, weight gain, increased blood pressure and blood sugars, melanoma and few other issues, Jim found Yoga in March of 2012. 

Utilizing both a strong Vinyasa and Hot Yoga practice as two of his main tools, Jim reinvented himself into a spiritual healthy and fairly fit human being. In 2017 Jim moved to Colorado Springs, CO and found Cambio Yoga Studio, a perfect fit to continue his yoga practice and enter into his 200 hour Vinyasa and 40 hour Hot Yoga Track training. Jim graduated from the Cambio 200 Hour Vinyasa and 40 Hour Hot Yoga track Training in Spring of 2018. Jim’s classes are energetic, athletic and fun while incorporating a deep spiritual connection with the Creator of the Universe. 



She comes from a competitive figure skating background which has included training in all types of dance, gymnastics, weight training, sports medicine, sports psychology, nutrition etc...She still coaches and also enjoys being a Figure Skating Official (judging, referring and as a technical specialist), Speaker and Educator. She now splits her time between her two homes here in Alaska and in Mexico. When not in the Yoga Studio you may see her on the slopes at Alyeska, enjoying a walk, biking or camping.  

Cindy is enjoying her second career as a Yoga Instructor. She has completed her 200 hour training in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and is accredited with Yoga Alliance. Attending Yoga classes for many years she really began practicing and studying more seriously when Mary opened here Studio here in Eagle River. 
Traveling is one of her passions. Enabling her to practice and study many types of Yoga throughout the USA, Mexico, Bali, Malaysia, China and Thailand. 



Tia Kelliher loves practicing and sharing yoga. In August 2018 she graduated from her 200 RYT in Bend, Oregon. Tia loves to read books about all different types and styles of yoga. In her little free time she enjoys travelling, hiking, kayaking, spending time with friends, playing hockey, volunteering, and petting her cats. Tia also loves being around kids and animals.

She has lived in Alaska her entire life and loves it so much, mountains and the great outdoors make her very happy! Between her busy life Tia enjoys practicing yoga to destress and she loves bringing friends to the mat. One of her favorite quotes is, “Be a fruit loop in a world of cheerios!”


Nikki Strzempka - Fitness Instructor

Her advice: “A workout is only as hard as you make it. Any fitness level can crush calories and build muscle! Show up and put in the work.” 

Nikki is married to her husband, is blessed with four daughters, 2 dogs and a passion for teaching Fitness! 

She loves spending time with her family, teaching classes, doing anything outdoors and watching and participating in any sport! 


Aprille Cage - 500 ytt

Yoga has been a part of my life for over 20 years, I live here in Eagle River with my husband, four kids and two dogs, I love spending time cross country skiing, hiking and wake surfing. My practice has helped me grow stronger in my mind and body on and off the mat. Yoga inspires me to live life in the present moment and gives me the tools to handle life’s ups and downs.

I completed my 500-hour Vinyasa flow training with Alanna Kaivalya. In my classes I love to combine creative sequencing, pranayama breathing and a dose of inspiration to help you deepen your practice. I seek to help others thrive by nurturing the mind, body and soul with Yoga, and my hope is that you (my students) feel refreshed, renewed, and nourished as you step off your mat.


Teresa Knowles - 200 hr CYT

My name is Teresa Knowles. I have been in Alaska most my life and grew up here in Eagle River. I have been a hairstylist by trade for 35 yrs. I have a wonderful husband, a beautiful daughter and three young grandchildren (two are twins). I also have three fur babies. I love to travel, go camping, hiking and gardening. I have been a yogi for over 15 yrs. I started practicing yoga for therapeutic benefits but realized it was so much more. For me, yoga has been a complete mind-body experience. It has also helped me with my back and shoulder pain. I have recently received my 200 hr CYT as well as Restorative and Yin training. I have also taught Pilates for three yrs. I have enjoyed inspiring and helping people with their journey of health and wellness. I am excited to begin my
adventure in teaching and I look forward to sharing my experience and knowledge with you. 


Kristi Brown - Pilates Instructor

Kristi was first introduced to Pilates as a teenager and instantly knew it was something she wanted to pursue. She began teaching in 2003 and has literally worked in studios all across the country since then while moving with her military husband. Trained in the STOTT Pilates method with a heavy emphasis on rehab, she loves helping people use movement to get out of pain and enjoy life again. 

In addition to her pilates training, she has earned some specialty trainings through STOTT. Kristi is ZEN*GA certified, a combination of pilates, yoga and fascial fitness to create a workout to improve strength and enhance elasticity. She is also Total Barre certified a fun, cardio-focused workout. While in New York, Kristi started training in Neurokinetic Therapy, a methodology to help eliminate pain by identifying compensation patterns and create new neural pathways and patterns that support pain-free movement.


Erin Tulip - 200RYT

Erin was introduced to yoga in her early 20’s but did not begin a regular practice until arriving at All Life Is Yoga later in life. She learned the benefits of a moving meditation as a student of Caroline Renner.

In 2020, Erin became certified as a 200RYT through the Beyond Asana course at Hot Yoga and Massage in Newport News, VA.

She intends to teach her students the benefits that come with a physical yoga practice and how it can be a catalyst to bringing awareness to other parts of their lives that may be in need of attention. She believes the benefits that come through aligning breath with movement can be carried off the mat and into our lives and these benefits change and grow as our practice grows.





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