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At All Life Is Yoga, we believe that a yoga practice will improve all areas of life.

As a small-town studio, we truly value our community. We want to share the amazing tool of yoga with individuals from all walks of life, all fitness levels and all ages.

Yoga is for everyone! We encourage our new students to try a variety of our classes Wherever you are at in your fitness journey, yoga can meet you where you are.


We offer a wide variety of classes 
with something for everyone.

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Those who stick with regular yoga practice report themselves to be happier and healthier. Studies show that yoga reduces fatigue, anxiety, and anger. Real biochemical changes created through yoga practice support better physical and mental health.


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Our Classes

Active Yoga is a Vinyasa (flowing) style of yoga proven to improve strength, cardiovascular health, breathing, and flexibility. Core work is done in each class using the muscles for power from the center of your body outward. This class is a mixed levels class.

Active Yoga

Our Hot Yoga is a 60 or 75 or 90 minute practice of yoga in a room heated to 100 degrees where you will receive the benefits of detoxifying while lengthening and strengthening your body while focusing your mind and breath with the movement of your body. We offer Hatha and Vinyasa flowing series of asanas (postures), and the Bikram Method of yoga static asanas that may vary from class to class. Come hydrated and be prepared to sweat and detoxify your body - don’t forget your towel and water!
It does take a couple of classes to see how it feels, so please be patient and consider taking the MINI- Hot Yoga class if this is your first time taking a hot yoga class. If you are expecting and are in your 1st trimester, heat may not be recommended, so check with your doctor before attending.

Hot Yoga

In our Gentle Floor Yoga class, students are encouraged to turn their attention inward as they move through a selection of seated stretches, followed by restorative postures, and lastly guided into a deep final relaxation (savasana). Students will learn and have time to processes the yoga poses, breathing techniques and meditation skills, which can help soothe our nervous system on and off our mats. Many modifications and props are offered and used to make this class highly accessible to yogis in all different bodies. We have the props for you to borrow, if you have your own mat and other items please bring them, and water or hot tea.

Gentle floor yoga

Our restorative yoga class BALANCES A FAST LIFESTYLE AND STILLS THE MIND. During a restorative class, you will use props as an aide to sink deep into poses that will be held for a longer period of time than in a typical flow class. This style of practice ENHANCES FLEXIBILITY, BOOSTS THE IMMUNE SYSTEM and IMPROVES CAPACITY FOR HEALING AND BALANCING. RESTORATIVE YOGA DEEPLY RELAXES THE BODY and BALANCES THE NERVOUS SYSTEM which HAS AN ENORMOUS CAPACITY TO HEAL PHYSICAL AND MENTAL SYMPTOMS THAT ARE STRESS RELATED, AND AS WE KNOW, MANY DISEASES THESE DAYS ARE STRESS RELATED. Develop qualities of compassion and understanding toward others and yourself by joining us for restorative yoga!


Tai Chi, based on Traditional Chinese Medicine, enhances the flow of life energy (Qi) in the body. Tai Chi helps mental concentration and leads to inner and outer harmony by integration of the mind and body (Tai Chi for Health Institute, 2005). This program will be based on the Sun and the Yang style. Although called “Tai Chi for Diabetes,” this form of exercise is enjoyable and safe for participants of all ages, with or without diabetes. Tai Chi improves FLEXIBILITY, BALANCE, MUSCULAR STRENGTH, and, Heart and lung function. Every class is set-up exactly the same, you will be able to join at any time, learning and following the moves soon after, and being able to deepen your focus on the body and mind while REDUcing STRESS.


Yin Yoga is a more meditative approach with a physical focus much deeper than Yang like practices. Here you are trying to access the deeper tissues such as the connective tissue and fascia and many of the postures focus on areas that encompass a joint (hips, sacrum, spine). As one ages flexibility in the joints decreases and Yin yoga is a wonderful way to maintain that flexibility, something that for many don’t seem to be too concerned about until they notice it is gone. These poses are passive and held for 3-5 mins each and we use lots of props to get us truly relaxed, ULTIMATELY YOU WILL HAVE A BETTER YANG PRACTICE. I REALLY DO BELIEVE THAT IF YOU INCORPORATE A LITTLE OF BOTH WILL CREATE A MORE WELL-ROUNDED PRACTICE AS WELL AS A BETTER-ROUNDED VERSION OF THE AWESOME YOU!


The Pilates mat class is a full body workout with an emphasis on core strength and creating long, lean muscles. This class is performed on the mat and will be using various props to support and add challenge to the workout. We'll choose from the Thera-bands, mini-stability balls, foam rollers , small weights and the pilates ring to strengthen and tone. 

A Sound Bath is an immersive and full-body listening experience that uses sound waves to invite gentle, powerful therapeutic and restorative processes that help comfort and heal the mind, body and spirit. The resonation and sonic frequencies sounded from specially-made pure quartz crystal bowls actively calm the central nervous system and enables the body to activate its parasympathetic system (“Rest and Digest”), which is the only time the body can truly relax and start to repair and recharge from our active daily lives.
In order to properly participate in any sound bath, you must be fully comfortable and able to easily rest for the duration of the session. The experience will begin with each person lying down, kneeling, or seated in a comfortable position, often using (but not limited to) a yoga mat, sleeping pad, pillow, bolster, blanket, eye mask.

Even though many sound bathers use the moment to relax their body the entire time, you are more than welcome to move and stretch as needed. If your body asks for a particular position or a specific movement in the moment, then please do it! Actively using Restorative or Yin yoga positions are wonderful additions to bringing out the most from any sound bath.   

The healing powers of sound therapy can bring out many different experiences for an individual. These expectations can range from falling into a deep sleep, losing all sense of time and space, having bodily sensations from head to toe, providing healthy physical release such as through laughter or tears, having revelation or making progress on past trauma, [re]discovering or being aware of Self in new and meaningful ways.

Regardless of what your experiences are/may be for any particular sound bath, most people report of having more restful sleep, moments of deeper relaxation, lessening of anxiety and stress, positive mood and/or attitude change, heightened awareness of Self, more energy, easier weight management, more focus, and a sense of greater rejuvenation—just to name a few.   

Along with the sound bath, this session will introduce some basic concepts and provide insight into the healing powers of sound and how you can utilize them in your own life and journey. 

Pilates with Props

Sound Bath